BodySystem Reboot

A Reboot is exactly what is sounds like. This is a method of "rebooting" the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system beyond old or new trauma. This reset allows a new perspective as well as tremendous clarity about the past. This session is highly recommended just as one would "update" the software on a computer system.

Full System Reboot 
60 min $100 [ATL]
75 min $150 [NYC]

Mini Reboot 25 min $25

What is a BodySystem Reboot?

Reboots can shift our perception of the reality to create space for new awareness...  Many people feel grounded, awake as though coming out of a long intense dream, and open to deeper truths and to new ideas. 

A Reboot integrates the body energy, subconscious information, and mental-looping that perpetuate stress, anxiety and depression. Then, you can finally rest, there are simply more options available, and memories may emerge that shed light on the current reality.

How does a Reboot Work?

A Reboot is an amazing technique originally developed as part of the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.).  It is a system where "points" (similar to acupressure points) are held on the body that relate to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  While the points are held, rhythmic breathing releases the tension in these key points.  Clients experience a very deep relaxation, often mixed with lucid dreaming and memory recovery.  All of this combines to integrate mind, body and spirit – to relax and un-contract the body and neurology.  

A Reboot requires nothing more than lying down and following guided breathing, while the practitioner touches points (through clothing) on your neck, back and legs.  Sessions are 75 minutes.

The Reboot resets the body to parasympathetic mode - meaning the fight-or-flight response (created by stress, electromagnetic fields, toxins, or by real or perceived dangers) has been "turned off". And finally we have the opportunity to savor the fulfillment of a nervous system that can love life with us! 

It is essential to make the time to relax the "fight-or-flight overdrive".

We can tell we talk a great deal about stress, and how to relax... Yet no matter how we talk to ourselves, the nervous system never quite has a chance to come all the way down for a good reset.

A Reboot is a deep reset that allows an integration so your wholeness can come forward –  and you are able to actually be more compassionate with yourself.  Allow yourself an "opening" – expand your perception –  integrate the deeper aspects of the self to come home to your body!

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