Kinesiology Sessions

About Kinesiology

Kinesiology at SoHA is a technology used to identify and "clear" belief systems, and emotional patterning/conditioning from childhood, ancestry, and DNA lineage in the body, fields, mind and subconscious - all the components that contribute to how we manifest the reality physically (body, work, home, family, etc).

Kinesiology uses "muscle testing", the science of subtle energy testing in muscle contraction and un-contraction, as a bio-feedback indicator for determining "yes/no" responses in the body/energetic system.

What happens in a kinesiology session?

All sessions begin with a discussion about the session focus and what is happening in life in general.

Clients relax on a massage table (kinesiology sessions are fully clothed) - the parts of the body accessed by the kinesiologist for muscle testing are the ankles, and the hands.

Kinesiology sessions open and close with meditations and visualizations. Using the imagination and visualizations deepen the work by having the intelligence of the body be prominent - so we can "get the mind out of the way". This allows us to access the wisdom and natural healing abilities of the body.

The kinesiologist will use the "yes/no" answers derived from muscle testing to navigate the clearing and resolution of belief systems, ancestral patterning, repair needed in the body's fields, old memories and traumas - as well as to bring forward abilities and resources.

Each client has the opportunity to better understand all that arises in the session guided by the kinesiologist. As with any detoxifying practice, when the "old" is released, a higher frequency can be embraced through awareness.

Kinesiology is deep and fascinating subject! We encourage you to ask questions and pay close attention to the body and reality to help guide the study of awareness. Over time, illusion and "programming" become more visible. SoHA kinesiologists specialize in transformation, moving stagnant energies, and opening the heart.

When should I have a Kinesiology Session?

Kinesiology sessions are beneficial for many situations:

  • Awareness about patterns in partnership, business and love relationships

  • Repeated emotional triggers and open the heart

  • Before events (i.e. work meetings, family gatherings, dates, or any event that is significant to you) to clear patterns that create difficulties

  • Course preparation and integration

  • For clarity on one's purpose and to clear the path to creative expression

  • For nervous system support such as anxiety, sleeplessness, or tension

Kinesiology Sessions

Sessions may be in-person, phone, or FaceTime/Skype.

Kinesiology Session with Resident (75 min)

Kinesiology Session (75 min)

$80 [ATL]
$100 [ATL]

$150 [NYC]

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