IonCleanse® Footbath

Detoxification through the feet.

IonCleanse® is an innovative yet gentle technique for releasing toxins (heavy metals, mucus, lactic acid, candida, etc.) from the body. As you relax with your feet soaking, the water is charged with a small amount of energy. This charge creates a magnetic field, which runs through the body and charges the cells with energy. The added energy (creates negative polarity in the water that draws out positively charged toxic material in the body) helps the cells release the toxic material, and once released from the cells, the particles are pulled out of the body through the large pores in the feet. Throughout the footbath, you will notice that the originally clear water changes color and texture as the toxins are released.

Benefits of IonCleanse® Footbaths

• Increases vitality - helps fight colds and flus
• Balances body pH
• Helps relieve allergies
• Helps relieve arthritis and fibromyalgia
• Helps relieve joint and muscle pain
• Better sleep and concentration
• Relieves skins conditions
* Removes chemicals

IonCleanse® Session

$50 40 min

IonCleanse® combined concurrently
with another session
$35 40 min

Schedule Online

SoHA Footbath Club

How does it work?

Purchase an "array" (the water element for an IonCleanse machine) from SoHA for $140 and schedule your footbaths at SoHA for $10 each!

Benefits of the SoHA Footbath Club:

  • The array is yours to keep! Bring it with you to weekends or use it at SoHA anytime!
  • "Try before you buy" ~ thinking of buying an IonCleanse machine for your home, but still not sure? This is a great way to practice regular detoxing until you decide to purchase!
  • Share with friends and family! Just send them to SoHA with the array!
  • Save money! Regular price: $50 per session.

For more information or for assistance scheduling, email or call 404-257-1257.

You have to see this to believe it! Footbaths are a simple, powerful, rejuvenating therapy.

Purchasing an IonCleanse®

If you enjoy footbaths and feel the difference it makes, there are options for having one at home. We invite you to contact Isaac to learn more about affordable purchasing options.