Inner Care Detox Spa Offerings

Nurturance and detoxification are essential to the transformational process! To live an awakened life, it is essential to move the stagnant energy in the body and feed the body healthy frequencies and life force. SoHA Inner Care was created to offer therapies that detoxify and allow regeneration and increased clarity.

Customized Detox Programs

1-Day, 3-5 Days, or more!

Combine your detox with nutritional IVs and personal gestalts or Force History exercise!

At Home Care

We also recommend a number of nutritional supplements and home detoxes!

Resource Mondays

SoHA Inner Care is always open for Resource Mondays after courses for students, mentors and angels!

“Everything electronic in our environments, all the wires, phones, etc. take apart our auric and electromagnetic fields. With the use of the BodySound Chair, you rebuild the electromagnetic fields of the body - so you walk around with a stronger “field” that allows you to be more aligned and centered - and you can stay that way. You feel truly energized and at home in the body.” ~ Apollonia

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