Detox Offerings

Detoxification and nurturance are essential for transformation. To live a more relaxed, aware, and heart-centered life, it is essential to move out the old frequency held in the toxicity ~ and then give the body food for your true nature.

The Body-Psyche

A main component of your detox is the training about the Body-Psyche.

What is the body-psyche?  The deeper aspects of how the reality is reflected from the clarity or toxicity of the soul's vehicle (the body).

In the developing of a sensitive life, it is useful to understand the nature of, and how to care for the instrument of the body. Detoxification is for the purpose of uprooting the old, clearing out the clutter and stagnation, and preparing the "soil" for growing something new.

This study is a whole level of awareness that allows you to really feel yourself and open to a greater wisdom and spaciousness.

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Why Detox and Cleanse?

Scientists discovered in 1996 that the “gut” functions like a second brain (also referred to as the lower brain) of the body that communicates with the upper brain via electrical signals that travel up and down the spinal cord.  The lower brain is associated with body level neurological memory and more of the quick, “reactionary” responses in our day to day interactions.  So... if the gut is over run with parasites, toxins, yeast, and old waste, how might that be affecting our thought processes and perceptions that lead to old patterned, reactionary movements in our lives?

We live in a very toxic world - our food, our water, our air, and the emotional and energetic environments in which we live and work. With regular clearing of the colon we assist the body with releasing both physical and emotional toxins (old toxic memories) - this opens a whole new space for processing, perceiving and moving in our world.

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