Guidance Resources

Awareness Card Readings

Readings with SoHA staff give clarity in decision making processes.  It is essential to understand what may need clearing, and the deeper unconscious motivations surrounding situations, people and important decisions.

Awareness Reading
with Christina Dechen)

15 min - $50

30 min - $100

1 hour - $200 (Atlanta), $150 (NYC)

SoHA Card Reading
(with SoHA Trainers)

15 min - $20

30 min - $40

60 min - $80

Guide & Coaching Sessions

SoHA Guides are experienced "listeners".  Hiring a Guide is an essential part of the journey.  They teach you to navigate the landscape of your inner - the patterns, and the path to maturity and awareness.  

60 min Guide Session
$100 Individual

30 min Guide Session
$50 Individual

60 min Guide Session
$150 Partners

Training With Bhakhang Tulku Rinpoche

60 min Session

2019 SoHA Teaching Dates

Schedule Online
For more information or for assistance scheduling, email or call 404-257-1257.

Studying with Rinpoche is an excellent resource for learning the real benefits and wisdom of being fully present and alive in life. Rinpoche offers a unique way of seeing the "self".

He was trained in India (in a Tibetan monastery) for 20 years, to hold a prayer space and a deep listening for people. In the space that he holds you can experience yourself looking more deeply. It is like being in front of any highly devotional person - Rabbi, Priest - a heart centered being that is devoted to Spirit. Not for answers - but for the space of Grace that he can create. Things may feel unattainable but it gives us the right space to ponder and an aligned space that can give us the "way" to follow. You are actually talking to the prayer space, not to him.

Please work with the following questions to prepare for your session with Rinpoche...

Insight Questionnaire 

1.  Why are you visiting Rinpoche?
2.  What is the specific situation happening in your life that you would like Rinpoche to focus on?
3.  What can you identify about this situation that may be a pattern that shows up in your life?
4.  What aspect of this situation do you want to have more compassion towards? [in yourself or towards another]
5.  What perspective of this issue, or your identity in this issue, are you looking to expand with spiritual awareness?