Colon Hydrotherapy


Colonics are effective in helping to release toxic waste, bile, old material and mucus from the large intestine. All of this "material" is related to "past" events, thoughts, traumas, stress and anything we are "holding onto". Colonics improve mental clarity, emotional wellbeing, and physical energy. Colonics are a safe and powerful complement to the transformational process; in general, students feel lighter, more open and can "hear" more clearly and perceive their "reality" with less reactivity.

SoHA Inner Care uses a "closed system" for colonics. If you have questions or would like to discuss this therapy, please call SoHA for more information.

The body is the last place where the release happens! When you have been working with awareness to untie the knots of an old energy - colonics are an effective way to completely release the core of the old (the webbing). 

The webbing of entangled energies of the past, create a resonance in the body - represented by waste, parasites and toxins in the body. When you get rid of the old toxicity, you reduce the risk of getting re-involved in the old frequency. 

Colonics are deep penetrating transformation.  It is the moment you release it from the body that the new reality can manifest!

"A true colonic therapist moves energy to transmute your life - colonics take out the sludge of your life! Colonics dump toxins that have resonated with a toxic life - from each organ, from each cell - so your body can fill with light. Light is your body's natural essence - the light can be experienced. You can notice that after a colonic, you are clear and think more positively because the old frequency has left your life forever."  ~ Apollonia

VIDEO: Introduction to Colon Hydrotherapy at SoHA

SoHA Colon Hydrotherapists are I-ACT Members (International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy)

Lauren Saverno, RN
Laura Harrington, MA
Bill Tjaden, PT
David Kreindel

45 min $80 [ATL]
45 min $80 [Copper Creek]

For your first session, you will be sent a questionnaire and recommendations for preparing for your colonic.

Infrared Sauna add on $20

SoHA Inner Care spa shower is available for clients after sauna sessions.

Castor Oil Packs

Castor Oil is applied to the abdomen to alleviate constipation, aid in detoxification of the liver and gallbladder, and improves the immune system by increasing lymphatic circulation.  This treatment is gentle, effective and is recommended prior to colon hydrotherapy.

Castor Oil Pack Treatment 
60 min $100 [ATL]
75 min $150 [NYC]

Castor Oil Pack add on to treatments $45

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