BodySound Chair

The BodySound Chair began development 17 years ago by a team of 40 healthcare professionals including doctors, neurologists, therapists, nurses, healers and life coaches. They started their research with vibrational chairs/beds available today, and the technology we developed quickly moved far beyond what is offered elsewhere.

BodySound technology consists of amplified layered music played through transducers that generate sound and vibration in addition to synchronized electro-magnetic fields affecting the central nervous system and the human energy system, respectively. During your sessions you will typically feel extremely relaxed, enter a deep meditative state. You will be and feel more present, experience fear-based emotions less often, rely on your coping strategies less, be more accepting and have more trust, and in short, you will be happier. 

BodySound technology positively affects individuals physically, emotionally, and mentally by virtue of two mechanisms of action that operate synergistically. The first is a neurophysiologic mechanism that creates profound states of relaxation and meditation. The second mechanism of action relates to the electro-magnetic stimulation of the human energy system.

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"Everything electronic in our environments, all the wires, phones, etc.., take apart our auric and electromagnetic fields. With use of the BodySound Chair, you rebuild the electromagnetic fields of the body - so you walk around with a stronger "field" that allows you to be more aligned and centered - and you can stay that way. You feel truly energized and at home in the body."  
~ Apollonia

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BodySound Chair Sessions and Memberships

Energy and Creativity Session
15 min $15

Sound Wellness Session
30 min $30
60 min  $50

BodySound Chair Membership
$200/mo 12 Sessions

Advanced BodySound Chair Membership
$400/mo 24 Sessions

Memberships will continue to be updated with features to include new music downloads for the sessions, session music loaded on your phone, weekly intentions from Apollonia...

Email David for more information - BodySound Chairs are also for sale.

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The BodySound Chair is also available for your home. Contact us for purchasing details.