Acoustic Meridian Intelligence

AMI Session

Acoustic Meridian Intelligence (AMI) is an amazing sound therapy that transmits frequencies associated with healthy cells through the meridians in the feet to the body's organs and tissues! This supports the body’s natural healing abilities.

AMI Session 30 min $30 [ATL], $50 [NYC]

Further Reading from Cyma Technologies.

AMI technology is also available for your home. Contact us for purchasing details.



BioCharger Session

The BioCharger is a piece of technology that was innovated by the geniuses of Rife Frequency adding a Tesla Coil. One to four people sit around for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. A program will be selected entitled "Immune Boost", “Destress”, "Pineal Opening”, or "Purify and Recover." You’ll hear it make some noise, you’ll see electricity in the tubes, you’ll look at the person next to you and agree that this is interesting and you’ve never felt anything like it.

BioCharger Session $50 [NY/CT]
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