Acceptance Course

 The Acceptance Course is designed to strengthen our capacity for acceptance - in the true sense of the word, it is an acknowledgment of our humanity that allows us to drop-down out of the reactionary positioning of our conditioning - so we can more quickly open to the horizon of learning, hope, and creativity within the grace of transformation.

This experience of this course helps to inwardly hold the "reference point" of life in relationship to the true self - and the foundational connection to the soul nature through the heart.  

Live an original life. Hear your original voice.

Detoxing, Learning & Expanding

This course is combined with a personalized detox program for a unique and profound experience. Detoxing clears space in the body and mind for a new expansion that allows a deeper experience of congruent learning and alignment within. This is a whole body immersion of care, nurturance and release of the old. The teachings and the reflection of the true nature stays with you and continues in the course room of your life. The design of this beautiful experience is life-changing.  

Students arrive on Thursday night and are ready to spend Friday resourcing and detoxing. All day Saturday is the experiential Acceptance Course. And Sunday the course continues until 12pm, after which there are integration sessions (kinesiology, reboots, and more) scheduled to fully integrate all that you have learned and the new energy.


Apollonia & Rinpoche

2019 Course Dates


Tuition: $628
(+detox tuition $700-$1500)

Deposit $200

Maximum Enrollment 10 Students
This is an Awareness Studios course hosted by SoHA.

Prerequisites: 1 Kinesiology session


To register for this course, please contact us, we will also begin designing your detox program for Friday and Sunday.

More information about sessions with Rinpoche >>


Light breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner on Saturday

Please bring a lunch with you on Friday.


Plan arrival flights for Thursday evening.
Plan departure flights no earlier than 7pm on Sunday evening - stay until Monday morning if possible.
This is a life-changing movement, give yourself the chance to integrate deeply.

More travel resources >>

Class Schedule

Friday Detox

8am Arrival at SoHA
8am-4pm Sessions
NAD IV (4hrs) and detox sessions

Saturday Class

8:30am-10pm Class

Sunday Class + Integration

8:30 -12pm Class
1-5pm detox Sessions

Detox Offerings

NAD IV with Replenish IV, LLC

BodySystem Reboot


Massage, Essential Oils, and BodyWork

AMI & BodySound Chair

IonCleanse FootBath

Halotherapy: The Salt Room

Kinesiology & Readings