School of Humanity & Awareness


It is in the nature of our humanness to be free and live creatively. Each of us carries within us the seed of uniqueness and our Creative Intelligence. The true expression of talents that, combined with those of others, can arise a new way of humanity.


About SoHA

The School of Humanity & Awareness is an intense training ground for waking up in life.

The gateway to true happiness is the heart. The evolution of consciousness is the awakening of heart intelligence - the right-brain connectedness beyond the mind strategies and external solutions limited by our conditioned perceptions.


This school is designed to support fulfillment through purpose.


Humans long for inspiration, connection and togetherness that has us go beyond ourselves for the benefit of all.  We long to see the world change and to evolve.  We all long for a mutually supportive culture that helps us transform.  SoHA is a "field"of learning, transformation and evolution in the heart.

"Know thyself" is the essential premise that allows transformation to open the gates of the inner strength that is the experience of life as compassion, creativity and Grace. The fulfillment and happiness we all seek is found within "awakening" though serving and caring for one another.

The SoHA experience allows us to generate reality within the field of the soul's "listening".

Our Mission

"We serve an interconnected humanity through love. We teach that life is a journey of Grace that opens us to our compassionate natures as we awaken and mature our lives. Through our humanity, we forward the creation of a new world."

SoHA is a non-profit corporation; 501c3.

We are born in the God-Eyes of another.
— Apollonia